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The usual adult dosage is one 7.5 mg Zopiclone tablet swallowed whole, without chewing, before bedtime with a drink of water. Specific information regarding the correct dose to suit your circumstances can be found on the instructions contained in the packaging. These instructions should be followed at all times to make sure you obtain safe and effective results. Generally speaking, zopiclone should be taken just before you normally require sleep but care should be taken to make sure you have adequate time for sleep – in the case of zopiclone you are recommended to allocate at least 7 hours for sleeping to avoid feeling drowsy the following day. Only take zopiclone if it has been recommended for your use by a doctor. Never share this medication with any third party or take if recommended by another person who is not a doctor. Never take more than the recommended dosage under any circumstancesZopiclonefor sale at affordable price.


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