Inhibitor of furin 5 mg


≥98% pure Inhibitor of furin 5 mg



Fulvestrant is a selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) that downregulates and degrades estrogen receptor α (ERα).1,2 It binds to rat uterine ER with an IC50 value of 44.8 nM and prevents uterine weight increases induced by estradiol in immature rats (ED50> = 0.06 mg/kg per day) but has no effect on uterine weight alone.3 It also decreases uterine weight in adult rats without affecting the production of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones and prolactin. Fulvestrant inhibits the growth of ER-positive MCF-7 human breast cancer cells but not ER-negative BT-20 cells when used at a concentration of 1 µg/ml. It also prevents tumor growth in MCF-7 and Br10 breast cancer mouse xenograft models when used at a single dose of 5 mg per animal. Fulvestrant is neuroprotective in vitro against neurotoxicity induced by glutamate- and amyloid-β (1-42) (Aβ42) in primary rat hippocampal cells.4 Formulations containing fulvestrant have been used in the treatment of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer.WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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