Induces cardiomyogenesis in embryonic stem cells 1 mg


≥97% pure Induces cardiomyogenesis in embryonic stem cells 1 mg



Most tissues have an endogenous pool of progenitor cells to draw from upon injury. The adult heart, however, contains a limited number of undifferentiated cells and techniques to replicate these cells from other pluripotent tissues have thus far been nonselective and inefficient. Cardiogenol C is a diaminopyrimidine compound that induces the differentiation of MHC- (myosin heavy chain) positive cardiomyocytes from embryonic stem cells with an EC50 value of 0.1 µM.1 About 90% of embryonic stem cells treated with 0.25 µM cardiogenol C express the cardiac muscle cell specific transcription factors GATA-4, MEF2, and Nkx2.5 and display the characteristic beating behavior of differentiated cardiomyocytes.1WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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