Hydroxy fatty acid methyl ester 100 µg


≥98% pure Hydroxy fatty acid methyl ester 100 µg



Alkylphospholipids are a class of antineoplastic compounds that display potent antiproliferative activity in several in vitro and in vivo human tumor models. Perifosine is an alkylphospholipid that induces apoptotic cell death in a variety of tumor cell lines.1 Apoptosis is induced in a time- and dose-dependent manner in U937 and Jurkat T human leukemia cell lines but not in normal vascular endothelial cells. Perifosine causes inhibition of PC-3 prostate carcinoma cell growth (growth inhibition (GI50) = 5 µM at 24 h) and is associated with rapidly decreased Akt activation.2 In addition, perifosine induces p21WAF1 expression in squamous carcinoma cells through a p53-independent pathway, leading to loss in cyclin-dependent kinase activity and cell cycle arrest.3WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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