For immunochemical detection of ganglioside GD3 50 µL


For immunochemical detection of ganglioside GD3 50 µL



Ganglioside GD3 (Item No. 17481) is synthesized by the addition of two sialic acid residues to lactosylceramide and can serve as a precursor to the formation of more complex gangliosides by the action of glycosyl- and sialyltransferases.1 It induces apoptosis in HuT-78 cutaneous T cell lymphoma cells in a concentration-dependent manner and disrupts the mitochondrial membrane potential when used at a concentration of 200 μM.2 Expression of ganglioside GD3 in GD3-negative SK-MEL-28-N1 malignant melanoma cells increases both cell proliferation and invasion in vitro.3 Ganglioside GD3-deficient adult mice exhibit progressive loss of the neural stem cell (NSC) pool and impaired neurogenesis.4 Ganglioside GD3 Monoclonal Antibody can be used for ELISA and TLC immunobloting. [Matreya, LLC. Catalog No. 1977]WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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