An isoflavone 100 mg


≥95% pure An isoflavone 100 mg



This antibody was purified by sequential peptide-affinity chromatography to select only for IgG specific for p53 (Ser392). Cellular p53, often called the ‘guardian of the genome’, is a transcription factor that is activated in response to cellular stress (DNA damage, hypoxia, heat shock, etc.) and acts to prevent further proliferation of the stressed cell by induction of cell cycle arrest or apoptotic mediators.1 Nearly 50% of human tumors have mutated or non-functional p53. p53 amino acid residues can be modified by phosphorylation and acetylation. In vivo phosphorylation of p53 residues alters signal transduction that warrant further investigation.2,3WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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