An exceptionally potent inhibitor of HDAC6 1 mg


≥95% pure An exceptionally potent inhibitor of HDAC6 1 mg



DNA methylation is an important epigenetic process regulating gene expression. Methylation occurs on carbon 5 of 2′-deoxy-cytidine yielding the modified base 5-methyl-2′-deoxy cytidine. The methylation pattern of cells is tightly regulated during development with the methylation profile being transmitted from parent to daughter cells during cell division. Methylation results in long-term silencing of genes, while unmethylated regions of DNA can be actively transcribed. Global changes in methylation can be quantified by measuring plasma or urinary levels of 5-methyl-2′-deoxy cytidine. These changes in methylation can provide valuable information about cancer status of an individual. For example, patients with leukemia excrete significantly elevated levels of 5-methyl-2′-deoxy cytidine compared to healthy individuals. Global methylation within tissues can be measured in a similar manner, allowing study of tissue-specific changes that occur as a result of differentiation, aging, or carcinogenesis. Cayman’s DNA Methylation ELISA Kit is a competitive assay that can be used for the quantification of 5-methyl-2′-deoxy cytidine in urine, culture supernatants, plasma, and other sample matrices. The ELISA typically displays IC50 (50% B/B0) and IC80 (80% B/B0) values of approximately 12 and 3 ng/ml, respectively.Needed but not supplied: Please download the kit booklet to verify if UltraPure Water (Milli-Q or equivalent) or any other components are needed for this assay.WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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