A selective estrogen receptor modulator 50 mg


≥98% pure A selective estrogen receptor modulator 50 mg



By phosphorylating phosphatidylinositol, phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3K), activates diverse cellular functions, including cell growth, differentiation, survival, and motility. Wortmannin is a potent, cell-permeable, and irreversible inhibitor of PI3K enzymes (IC50 = 1-10 nM). However, the class II PI3Ks from Drosophila, murine, and human differ in sensitivity to wortmannin (IC50s = 5, 50, 450 nM, respectively).1 Wortmannin also inhibits polo-like kinase 1 (IC50 = 24 nM) and polo-like kinase 3 (IC50 = 49 nM), as well as mTOR, DNA-PK, PI4K, MLCK, and p38 MAPK at 50 to 100 fold higher concentrations than that needed for PI3K inhibition.2,3WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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