A potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor 1 mg


≥98% pure A potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor 1 mg



Association of Ras protein with the inner surface of the plasma membrane is required for Ras signaling activity. Farnesyl thiosalicylic acid (FTS) is an inhibitor of Ras-mediated signaling that functions by dislodging Ras from the cell membrane thereby rendering it susceptible to proteolytic degradation.1 FTS inhibits the growth of human Ha-ras-transformed Rat1 fibroblasts with an IC50 value of 7.5 µM.2 It does not inhibit Ras farnesylation in vitro and although FTS does inhibit prenylated protein methyltransferase (PPMTase) in cell-free systems with a Ki value of 2.6 µM, it is relatively ineffective at inhibiting methylation in whole cells.3 Treatment of chow-fed ApoE-deficient mice with 5 mg/kg FTS three times per week for six weeks reduces early atherosclerotic lesion development by 52% compared to controls.4WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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