A potent inhibitor of PKA 50 µg


≥98% pure A potent inhibitor of PKA 50 µg



Protein kinase A (PKA) regulates multiple signal transduction events via protein phosphorylation and is integral to all cellular responses involving the cyclic AMP second messenger system. KT 5720 is one of a family of compounds synthesized by the fungus Nocardiopsis sp. It blocks PKA signaling through competitive inhibition of ATP with a Ki value of 60 nM.1 Reported IC50 values vary widely depending upon ATP concentration tested and can range from 56 nM (low ATP) to 3 µM (physiologic ATP).2,3 Non-specific effects of KT 5720 include inhibition of phosphorylase kinase, PDK1, MEK, MSK1, PKBα, and GSK3β at concentrations as effective as or more potent than that for inhibition of PKA.2,3WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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