A potent and selective CK2 inhibitor 1 mg


≥95% pure A potent and selective CK2 inhibitor 1 mg



Reversible protein phosphorylation is a fundamental regulatory mechanism in all aspects of biology. Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a divalent cation-independent protein serine/threonine phosphatase involved in regulating numerous cellular processes including the cell cycle, growth and differentiation and is also thought to be a potential tumor suppressor.1 PP2A is a hetrotrimeric protein containing a 65 kDa scaffolding A subunit, a regulatory B subunit and a 36 kDa catalytic C subunit.2 The recombinant PP2A catalytic subunit has the characteristic properties of Type 2A phosphatases and is highly sensitive to okadaic acid and microcystins.3 The provided preparation of the catalytic subunit of PP2A is useful for the study of enzyme kinetics and regulation, to dephosphorylate target substrates and to evaluate the effects of test substances on the activity of the phosphatase.WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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