A photosensitizer 100 mg


≥90% (mixture of isomers) pure A photosensitizer 100 mg



Hematoporphyrin is a photosensitizer.1 Hematoporphyrin (3 μM) increases oxygen consumption and decreases the respiratory control ratio (RCR) in irradiated isolated rat liver mitochondria.2 It induces DNA breaks in cell-free assays, but not in human HeLa cervical cancer cells, in a light-dependent manner when used at a concentration of 6 μM.3 Hematoporphyrin (12 μM) decreases the survival of irradiated, but not non-irradiated, HeLa cells. Hematoporphyrin (5 mg/kg) decreases growth of subcutaneous Yoshida AH-130 hepatoma tumors in rats when administered with radiation.4WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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