A natural product with cytotoxic activity 1 mg


≥98% pure A natural product with cytotoxic activity 1 mg



The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway plays an integral role in the selective degradation of intracellular proteins. While important for clearing damaged or misfolded proteins, this proteolytic pathway also regulates the availability of key proteins involved in the control of inflammatory processes, cell cycle regulation, and gene expression.1,2 (S)-MG132 is a potent, reversible and cell permeable proteasome inhibitor that inhibits cell growth in B16 and IPC227F cells with IC50 values of 42 and 77 nM, respectively.3 (S)-MG132 at 10 µM inhibits NF-κB activation, sensitizing a variety of carcinoma cell lines to apoptosis.4WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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