420 Ready Pack (Lo Dose)


420 is around the corner! Say no more, we got you covered!! (Lo Dose)

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420 Ready Pack (Lo Dose)

You’re either a newcomer who wants to see what Cannabis is all about or you’re a seasoned vet that wants the full package. Keeping that in mind, our team put together 2 packs to get you ready for this year’s 420 festivities. Whether you’re a stoner or a stoner-to-be, we wanted to make sure you got the best bang for your buck!

Low Dose – You may not be the best at rolling a doob, hell, some of us can’t roll at all! So we made sure you didn’t have to do the work by including 1g pre-rolls. If you can’t handle the whole thing, just put it back in the doob tube provided and save it for later. Edibles can be intimidating for some, especially if you’ve never had them. We ensure you that the Cannacure Hard Candies & Gummies will make it easy to dose accordingly without over doing it. Just remember to start low and go slow! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


3 x Cannacure – Assorted Hard Candies – 100mg THC per Pack
3 x Cannacure – Gummy Worms – 150mg THC per Pack
3 x Cannabismo – Pre-Rolled Cones – Indica
3 x Cannabismo – Pre-Rolled Cones – Hybrid


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