420 Ready Pack (Hi Dose)


420 is around the corner! Say no more, we got you covered!! (Hi Dose)


420 Ready Pack (Hi Dose)

High Dose – Flower? Check. Grinder? Check. Rollies & filters? Check. Is there more? How about some shatter and edibles?? Some say less is more, but we completely ignored that! With a little bit of everything to get you in the right mind frame, we wanted to make sure you got the variety that you want without having to break the bank.


1 x Tom Ford Pink – 3.5 grams (Indica)
1 x Blue Mango – 3.5 grams (Hybrid)
1 x Super Silver Haze – 3.5 grams (Sativa)
1 x KleerX – Shatter – OG Wreck
1 x Gone Green – Medi Blocks XL – 300mg
1 x SeC – Gummies – Starlits – 300mg
1 x Raw – 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
1 x Raw – Tips
1 x Plastic Grinder with Screen


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