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3,4-DIMETHOXY-A-PHP (10G) for sale in UK USA CANADA and Europe.Buy 3,4-DIMETHOXY-A-PHP (10G) online.

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3,4-dimethoxy-a-PHP is a new research compound that is similar to a-PHP. The 3,4-dimethoxy-a-PHP chemical formula is C18H27NO3. Since 3,4-dimethoxy-a-PHP is similar to a-PHP, we can use research conducted on a-PHP to learn more about a-PHP and 3,4-dimethoxy-a-PHP. Research on pyrovalerone was conducted by research chemical Labs. a-PHP, pyrovalerone and 3,4-dimethoxy-a-PHP are only intended for research purposes in a controlled laboratory for forensic or scientific study and are NOT intended for human consumption. We wholesale research chemicals, deliver best quality research chemicals to worldwide with safe package, you can buy research chemical online from us, for more information please contact us.
3,4-DIMETHOXY-A-PHP (10G)for sale at affordable price.

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