PureGold Cartridge – CBD (.5g)


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GoldCart CBD and CBD:THC 1:1Requires matching battery for ultimate vaping experienceCBD only cartridge has No THC and is non-psychoactive0.5g cartridge contains 100mg CBD or 50mg CB and 50mg THC (for 1:1 cartridge)No guessing what you are gettingNo impurities — crystal clear, as colorless as waterNo dark-colored “CBD-rich hemp oil”No propylene glycolOur CBD is refined from hemp plant extract into pure crystals before we combine it with other ingredientsVaporizing allows you to meter and repeat your doseInstant effect without inhaling burning plant materialNo combustion byproducts, carbon monoxide or particulatesHighest quality available anywhereMatching 280mAh battery also availableGoldCart CBD cartridges contain zero THC. GoldCart CBD:THC cartridges contain a blend of 50% THC and 50% CBD.  They are high quality, dependable, and backed by accurate formulation, testing and labeling.Compare GoldCart CBD to any other CBD vaporizer cartridge. You can easily see the quality difference. TetraLabs CBD GoldCarts are as crystal clear as water. Others are dark. And dark means it is not as refined because it contains other compounds, which TetraLabs removes.Because TetraLabs GoldCart CBD cartridges contain zero THC, you don’t get the psychoactive effects of THC. But if you do want a combination of CBD and THC, use both a TetraLabs CBD cartridge along with a THC cartridge to achieve the exact CBD-to-THC ratio you want.Convenient, disposable cartridges and push-button batteries make vaporizing simple and easy. Depending on how much you inhale, the cartridge contains approximately 100-250 puffs, and a total of 100mg CBD (or 50mg CBD and 50mg THC for 1:1: cartridges).Ingredients: 100mg CBD for CBD cartridge, 50mg CBD and 50mg THC for 1:1 cartridge  natural flavorings and refined fruit extract carrier


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