Nola Gold (3g)

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Nola Gold (3g) Some of the best quality herbs having exotic fragrances are combined meticulously to come up with this exclusive herbal fragrance. This herbal incense is aimed at those people who either love fragrances or are in love with aromatherapy. Those who love incense fragrance will be blown away by the sweet subtle fragrance of this Nola Gold Incense. The aroma is intense and would fill your senses but it is not overbearing. Such an impeccable combination is only achieved by our experts. For those who love aromatherapy they will be surprised to see how fast the effects of incense aroma can be experienced. Once you light the incense the entire ambience of your room changes to a very relaxed place and within no time you would feel that any kind of stress or tension would be flying away. You would feel brighter happier and refreshed.


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